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Facial Treatments

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At Mind and Body Thai Spa, we specialize in facial treatments that rejuvenate and refresh. Our carefully curated therapies are designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty, whether you seek revitalization or anti-aging solutions. Indulge in a session that leaves your skin feeling younger, healthier, and more radiant.

  • Rejuvenating Facial Mask and Cleanse

    The rejuvenating facial mask and cleanse therapy will give you a energised and smooth look in your face. It cleans up old cells and allows new young skin to blossom, making you look more radiant.

    60 MINS £55
  • Collagen Anti-aging Facial

    The collagen anti-aging facial is a highly effective treatment. Our therapist will use collagen-stimulating techniques to naturally boost your collagen production in your skin, making it look and feel younger and healthier.

    60 MINS £55
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